An IoT and wireless testing facility opens in Bangalore

by | May 21, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Recently, TUV Rheinland India has warped a futuristic Internet of Things or Wireless laboratory around the IT & design hub across Bangalore. According to the sources, the newly introduced 1,500 square meter lab is going to provide testing and measurement services concerning the present international connected devices regulations.

The lab is going to put its focus on radiated factitious emissions, radio testing, and EMC/EMI testing as well. The lab will also provide a complete conformity assessment for a wide range of medical, electrical, automotive, and commercial products.

The world is heading towards a wireless universe where the technology is invading all the spheres from factories and farms to self-driving cars. The Internet of Things brought a chain of the explosion into the IoT devices which widened the applications a little further. IoT also boosted the demand for reliable, safe, and good products. Most of these products are going to be manufactured and designed across India for global and local markets, according to Andreas Hoefer, the regional executive VP of TUV Rheinland.

TUV Rheinland is an acclaimed independent survey service provider which has a presence across the globe with over 20,000 people. The annual turnover of the company is around EUR 2 billion. The firm features a team of experts who carry out the survey, look after the products, equipment, and borderless projects. Additionally, the firm also helps in shaping the processes and security information for the other companies.

The testing facility in Bangalore offers an extensive range of services like it supports testing for a wide array of products like wearables, smart meters, mobile phones, and IoT- gateways. On the other hand, the facility also covers a wide range of protocol such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee along with 2G, 3G & 4G. The firm is capable of supporting round-the-clock activities for the most recent international regulations.

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