An energizing way of securing the network in IoT and SCADA

by | Mar 26, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

It is a sheer struggle for the businesses of any scale when it comes to effectively implementing cybersecurity. By the looks of it, the ecosystem of the technology is, and this is one of the reasons as to why most of the businesses can’t keep up with the tech industry. And this eventually puts the landscape of the threat which keeps on evolving on a regular basis. Furthermore, it also puts a threat to the data as well as their applications.

There is one way to ensure that things will work out in a brilliant manner and that is if the businesses are extremely proactive about the recent changes that are taking place in the tech industry. On the other hand, there is an unparalleled growth and dependency on the Internet of Things as well as the SCADA. Businesses are often advised to create their line of defenses for addressing and identifying the weakness even before the hackers can find the bugs and harm them.

Most of the railroad management, distribution of electricity and natural gas water treatment heavily rely on the Industrial Control Systems or SCADA pieces of equipment. The Programmable Logic Controllers also known as PLCs are deemed to lay the fundamental principles of controlling and automating the crucial functions of these applications.

The bitter fact about the ICS and SCADA Devices is that they are quite primitive when compared with the modern day tech. By the looks of it, some of these are even engineering much before the internet became a mainstream medium of connecting devices to a single network or server and furthermore, these devices aren’t proficient when it comes to impeccable cybersecurity.

The emergence of IoT has given rise to a desperate need of implementing better cybersecurity on the connected devices around the world.

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