Ambrosus: The next-gen supply chains powered by blockchain IoT network

by | Apr 24, 2019 | IoT News

Since its inception and in due course of time, the Internet of Things has been regarded to be a revolutionary breakthrough which allows the objects and the devices to connect with each other. In recent times, the technologist has come up with ideas to build smart cities, the urban landscapes which are connected with each other via hyper-connectivity. The Internet of Things also gave the insight to curate supply chain tracking which is easily connected by sensing the devices.

Nevertheless, the entire concept of the Internet of Things is powerful and potent due to the way it was built, meaning it is the infrastructure that makes the Internet of Things powerful. Nevertheless, there are ample of examples where most of the smart devices has curated never-before-seen-or-heard issues when it comes to communication, integrating smart sensor tech and tracing data. And this is where blockchain comes in; blockchain’s cryptography technology is capable enough to surpass the limitations that the Internet of Things possesses.

Ambrosus, the open-source ecosystem which came into being in the year 2017 has combined the blockchain technology with that of the Internet of Things. And this gives rise of managing the physical assets which have directly been derived from the industrial processes of the real world.

Ambrosus is widely regarded as “the Crypto for the Internet of Things.” The Ambrosus Network integrates with the pre-existing cloud computing tech alongside a public regulated blockchain that allows the governments, enterprises, consultants, trade associations for tracking and managing the products in the real world.

Ambrosus Network is known for facilitating the entrepreneurs as well as the interested stakeholders to build and create cutting edge Internet of Things solutions on the Ambrosus Network. The company creates frictionless blockchain and IoT solutions which prevent counterfeiting. Ambrosus has already stepped into the next stage of tech evolution that most companies didn’t think of in the first place.

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