Amazon Web Services will integrate the cloud services with Internet of Things Platform

by | Feb 27, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

One of the leaders of mobile carrier Sprint revealed that it is currently working with Amazon’s Amazon Web Services for enriching the capabilities related to Curiosity Internet of Things platform. The AWS storage, as well as the IoT services, are on the verge of integrating the virtualized and distributed core network of Sprint which is furthermore provide the customers with effective processing, storage of Internet of Things as well as traffic routing.

By taking the full advantage of Curiosity IoT native LTE as well as AWS cloud, the enterprises can process the data of IoT at a local level. They can also evenly distribute the applications of the Internet of Things. On the other hand, it also becomes easier to run the cloud analytics and gather the insight for making practical decisions for the applications of the Internet of Things along with machine learning capabilities.

The collaboration between Sprint and Amazon Web Services will help the customers in deploying the Curiosity IoT in association with Amazon S3, and they can protect any amount of data that comes from the Internet of Things devices. The unification will also give rise to AWS IoT Analytics which will easily run and operate the sophisticated analytics on unsurmountable volumes of the Internet of Things data by not having to worry about the cost or the complexity needed for building the IoT analytics platform.

The curiosity IoT will make increase the standard of IoT with AWS IoT Things Graph as it will provide virtual drag-and-drop interface for coordinating and connecting web as well as device services. This helps the developers in building the Internet of Things applications efficiently.

Curiosity IoT comes with a domestic core of LTE which is entirely distributed and virtualized geographically. It will make way for an edge as well as cloud to collaborate in the place where the IoT application can proceed with distribution via Curiosity.

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