Amazon confirms its plans on developing a new long-range network for wireless smart devices embedded with IoT. The name of this new network is ‘Amazon Sidewalk’ which is expected to help the IoT technologies thrive in the market. Amazon claims that their sidewalk will function appropriately with various smart devices including mailboxes and water sensors. The smart mailboxes will be able to send a notification to the owner in case a new mail drops by.

Amazon states that the functionality of Sidewalk works on 900 megahertz bandwidth. It extends the distance of the network at which the user can gain control over the IoT devices for a long-range. Amazon also adds that it will consume lesser power than Wi-Fi. Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive of Amazon mentions that with Amazon’s Sidewalk people will be able to control the lights on their backyard or the streets.

Amazon has come a long way starting from selling books to releasing original TV shows for the prime customers. Amazon is now one of the top four technology companies along with Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. Now the company is planning on releasing new network protocol, Amazon Sidewalk which will enhance the communication between the IoT connected devices.

Amazon also states that Sidewalk is currently under test in Los Angeles. No dates are out yet on the worldwide release of this new networking protocol, Amazon Sidewalk. To add more curiosity, the company promises to develop a dog tracker in the year 2020. This network will alert the pet owners when their pets will cross a particular perimeter.

Along with all the futuristic applications of IoT, this idea of bringing in a long-range wireless network for smart devices is commendable. The World waits to witness the efficacy of the new Internet of Things devices embedded with Amazon’s Sidewalk.

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