Alibaba has recently developed a vision to help the manufacturers belonging to the manufacturing industry fight with probable threats in the future. The technologies concentrated upon by the company are IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain.

The company also looks forward to creating ‘enormous value’ in the financial and retail sectors by exploiting the technologies mentioned above. Due to the importance of IoT networking, this news has taken the shape as one of the latest IoT updates.

Jack ma mentioned in the letter he wrote to the Alibaba investors that the company can proceed to a revolutionary change. It is possible as the focus is given on the sectors like AI, IoT, Data Science and Could Computing.

Daniel Zhang, the CEO of Alibaba, has made it clear in the letter to the stakeholders that the company can implement the IoT setup soon. Several business strategies have been already made to meet the future era of IoT networking. He is sure about the fact that connecting devices would help the business process to develop dramatically. Moreover, cloud computing can also become a secured storehouse of bulk data.

Though the present trading environment of China is facing tension due to the Sino-US trade war Alibaba is ready for a change. According to Jack Ma, the company has already come over a business setback in its 19 years of market presence. In the previous years, the company has developed many services for the medium and small traders as Ma mentioned. He has also put light on the aspects of “Global Sell”, “Global Pay” and “Global Travel” for which the company is working.

Future Opportunities

Jack Ma’s vision can be vital IoT news where he sees decent trade-related opportunities behind the tension. He is sure about the fact that the challenges shall always bring opportunities for the company.