Akamai Internet of Things Edge Connect incorporates MQTT

by | Jun 18, 2019 | IoT Companies

Akamai Edge Cloud’s subsidiary Akamai IoT Edge Connect established a completely managed service for swiftly operating the Internet of Things devices with failover, auto-scaling & data synchronization.

The Edge Connect runs on the Akamai Edge Platform to bring the infrastructure of IoT into the proximity of the devices. Moreover, this is possible as the edge nodes are available in more than 140 countries. According to the company, the Internet of Things Edge Connect provides real-time connectivity with a massive and ease of scalability. Akamai says that one of the significant advantages of Akamai IoT Edge Connect is the robust implementation of the cutting-edge MQTT protocol.

By the looks of it, the protocol is aimed explicitly for applications of the Internet of Things because of smaller footprint & suitability. MQTT will use a low-bandwidth along with significant intermittent networks. Additionally, it also attempts at addressing significant security concerns present at the networking level by merely providing support for mutual authentication. Furthermore, it would allow the customers in choosing and customizing the TLS versions as well as ciphers, which they use.

IoT has finally reached a point of maturity when the Internet of Things projects are migrating from R&D division to massive scale adoption. According to Akamai’s vantage point, the most critical challenges that the Internet of Things developers face in a while entering the production infrastructure in terms of performance and scale.

The everyday situations like massive volumes of the concurrent connections validates and enforces the credentials for authentication, among others. It will be able to quickly overwhelm the existing IoT cloud services along with enterprise MQTT brokers. Moreover, MQTT focuses on centralized servers which is designed by the IoT devices found across the world. It also ensures a consistent user experience which is both critical to both failure and success of the IoT projects.

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