AI and IoT are making the people dependent on them

by | Apr 30, 2019 | IoT News

Given that technology is a man-made phenomenon, it has always been the source that drives the world to a new future. And now the technology that has been innovatively curated by major tech giants has been affecting the people around the world. It doesn’t matter whether a person resides in the rural area of the world or the urban areas; the affordability of the technology has made it accessible to everyone.

The next phase of technological breakthrough is the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. As of now, most of the smart gadgets of devices are connected to the internet to perform specific tasks.

The Internet of Things or IoT has brought internet connectivity to everyday objects. The Internet of Things currently features in fans, lights, geysers, doorbells, as well as robots. These devices are often connected to the internet and can be controlled by the internet. With IoT, a person can set the smart bulbs into different colors that they want. On the other hand, a person can get their robot to clean at a specific time by simply using the internet on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

With smartphones, the person can tell the robot to dust and mop the floor. Nowadays, the IoT technology has made its way to lights, fans, refrigerators, doors, security systems as well as microwaves. And all of these conventional gadgets can be easily controlled by smartphones.

The devices which are integrated with AI and IoT are not for luxury anymore; they have become a necessity to make the lives of the people using them better. And the use of machine learning capability of an AI can be seen when the virtual assistants such as Google Now and Siri are asked to play a song or make a call. We live in a world where survival without technology isn’t possible.

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