Agosto, Google’s Cloud Partner will be IoT specialization

by | Apr 10, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

By the looks of it, Agosto is the first of the partner of Google Cloud that has implemented the Internet of Things specialization for devices based on the Internet of Things. Google, the search engine giant, has reportedly unveiled this ongoing week that it will host the 2019 Next conference in San Francisco.

The new integration is going to make Agosto which is based out of Minneapolis as the first of the partners of Google Premier to become proficient in technology. And Agosto will drive a successful feat by developing the applications based on Cloud Platform of Google.

Judging by the new revelation, the partners who have sincerely gained the specialization have created a logical equation in the ability to process, connect, store and analyze data in a device at the edge as well as in Google Cloud. Furthermore, this will be helpful in driving a new set of businesses values for customers around the world.

Aric Bandy, the president of Agosto, said that they have built a new Internet of Things software solutions on the Google Cloud for six years now. And at the same time, Agosto also launched its open-source message broker called MQTT which is deeply integrated into the Cloud Launcher of Google. Agosto combined its forces with Google to bring its IoT experience with the core IoT platform in Google Cloud. The clients are going to be extremely beneficial to bring forward innovative solutions directly to the market.

The development and cloud service company Agosto came into being in the year 2001. The technical teams of the company can aid the clients to leverage the artificial intelligence of machine learning capability along with infrastructure, data analytics as well as collaboration.

The company is widely regarded to earn the title of being an expert in infrastructure a year before with Google Cloud Partner Program.

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