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by | Sep 9, 2019 | IoT Technology

By the time the world progresses towards 2025, it is expected that over 40 billion Internet of Things devices will be operational. Moreover, these devices would clear up the way for the cutting-edge connectivity and networks and later create a complicated menacing landscape. Agencies around the world are trying to deploy and integrate new Internet of Things machines, cameras, devices, and sensors. So far, this is the fact that the insiders are considering to secure and evolve the infrastructure.

The assistant secretary, Karen Evans from the office of the Energy Department which keeps tabs on cybersecurity came forward with a statement. Karen said that they feel good about the fact that they will begin to incorporate solar panels, wind turbines. Also, having a Nest system at her house and an electric vehicle which can be charged can be a great feat.

However, there is a little problem with the cutting edge new devices, and that is most of the devices are prone to cyberattacks. By the looks of it, this is something that has become a massive concern for most of the agencies across the world, including CESER.

Beforehand, Evans, the chief information officer, had also served as the top-notch IT executive at the Budget and Management office under the rule of George W. Bush. Evans was the federal CIO. On the other hand, she was the first person to lead as the secretary of CESER, which Rick Perry established in Feb 2019.

Recently Evens took the stage of the World Wide Technology and addressed that CESER’s ultimate aim is to protect the viability of the energy of America. In addition to this, Evans also discussed the emerging threats that the future holds. Evans said that the agency is not focused on the activities of the enterprise. Instead, the activities come under the CIO. Evans has secured the workforce planning, grid, emergency preparedness, and modernization.

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