Advantech’s First Internet of Things co-creation brings the worldwide Internet of Things Industry Chain to life

by | Mar 1, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The leader in intelligent systems markets in the world, Advantech reportedly organized the first of it IoT Co-Creation Summit at International Expo Center in China’s Suzhou last year in November. Over 5,000 clients of Advantech along with partners from all around the globe attended the opening day of the summit.

At the time of the event, the company introduced the latest advancement in the Internet of Things platform structure such as 32 IoT solution ready packages as well as WISE-PaaS 3.0 which are then co-created with some of the significant industry partners as well as software. The event itself is going to aid the integration of both hardware as well as software for numerous industries, helping them to connect and at the same time build an all around ecosystem for IoT and value chain in the industry. It allows the partners as well as Advantech to come forward officially and step into the next venture of the Internet of Things.

KC Liu, the chairman of Advantech also said that right in between a diversified and fragmented market of Internet of Things application, the company has also assisted many industries in integrating and at the same time connecting the pre-existing software as well as hardware with a goal for creating an absolute chain by putting the value of industry as primary. This feat will mark the first task of the organisation Advantech, and that is to develop the whole of the IoT industry.

Back in 2014, Advantech has come forward with WISE-PaaS platform in the year 2014. After two years, the adjoining platform is reportedly working from top to bottom which also includes some of the services like edge computing, sensing, PaaS platform, cloud service operation, communications for creating a fully optimized Internet of Things supply chain.

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