Advantech organizes the first Internet of Things Conference based on Co-Creation Partners

by | May 27, 2019 | IoT Companies

The event that Advantech organized was completely focused on the company’s cutting-edge Internet of Things platform, WISE-PaaS. During the event, Advantech revealed that WISE-PaaS is an Integrated Internet of Things platform which has been built for providing practical insight ranging from edge to cloud. Additionally, the insight will ultimately reach Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Partner Alliance.

The attendees also took an active part in the event as they unified on the forthcoming phase of the Internet of Things development. The event also brought a panel to discuss challenges that the Internet of Things industry is about to face in the course of time.

The partners of Advantech have also shared the ultimate solutions that would come to life via WISE-PaaS platform. Furthermore, the partners also said that WISE-PaaS would also play a crucial role to transform the industry digitally.

The WISE-PaaS platform is more of a marketplace or online software that features some of the great services from Advantech. WISE-PaaS features software services, Internet of Things security services, Internet of Things cloud services. It integrates with software and cloud solution of Advantech’s partners for accelerating the development of the tools that will aid to upgrade existing systems to the company’s cloud.

Advantech is on the verge of curating essential strategies for curating sector-focused application, business models, SRPs solution for the next ten years. According to the official website of Advantech, Microsoft Azure is the primary partner of the company for PaaS solutions and IaaS.

In the near-sighted future Actemium, Nexus Technology, Link Wireless, Xaptum, ClearBlade, Potencia Y Tecnologias Incorporadas, IS International Services, Symphore, Fathym, GTD TBD, and ITT Ingenieria will collaborate with Advantech for delivering cutting-edge software & hardware solutions. The collaboration will also accelerate the widespread growth of the Internet of Things.

Advantech held the conference on 15th of May 2019 which attracted more than 60 professionals from 3 different continents.

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