Adopting IoT is simplified with Aruba ML Infusion

by | Apr 4, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Aruba is reportedly organizing the Atmosphere yearly event in the present ongoing week in Vegas. The event is completely meant for the true gearheads.

The company calls these gearheads as Airheads. The annual show has become a staple to-go event as it showcases how the Wi-Fi became a crucial element when it comes to the initiatives based on digital transformation. On top of this, WiFi also plays a pivotal role in connecting the Internet of Things devices to the Internet.

IoT is making its way into mainstream businesses and organizations. The industries driven by massive workforces are considering IoT as the next big thing in the world of tech. And this made IoT feature in many devices such as MRI machines, security CCTV cameras, to smart home speakers among others.

The primary role that WiFi plays is by connecting the endpoints of the Internet of Things. On the other hand, securing businesses and managing the workforce and real-time analysis and tracking can be done in the best possible way with IoT. Nevertheless, achieving this has never been this easy, according to many IoT experts.

During the Atmosphere event, the HPE company released APs along platforms with device management capabilities only to make adopting Internet of Things simplified.

Wi-Fi 6 Access Points of Aruba’s portfolio consists of 530 and 550 series Access Points. The company announced 510 series in the previous year, in November. Nevertheless, the 550 and 530 APs are supporting the connectivity of the Zigbee and Bluetooth 5. By the looks of it, Aruba becomes the first-ever vendor of WiFi who integrated Zigbee and Bluetooth 5 into the Access Points.

Previously, the APs needed to add complex, leaving management and reducing visibility tools for the Internet of Things gear as of now.

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