Addressing the security Issues of Internet of Things on the corporate Network

by | Apr 9, 2019 | IoT News

The modern day world is enjoying what the Internet of Things has brought forward, mostly the teenagers and kids are taken away by these devices such as wireless pedometers, smart home speakers from Google and Amazon. Since its inception, the Internet of Things proved to become a massive driving force to provide control, information, automation as well as convenience. Even children have their own Echo Dot in their rooms, given that ten years ago this was not the scenario.

When it comes to being a security consultant, people know the pros and cons of these devices. Given that these people use the devices that have the fundamentals of the Internet of Things, they connect via a firewall, and this will help the hackers to breach into the network after affecting the firewall.

The 2014 security report of HP stated that around 70% from ten popular are vulnerable to being attacked or even compromised in one way or another. The report also suggested that the present day Internet of Things devices are susceptible to hacking and other security breaches. According to the study report, a single Internet of Things device has a minimum of 25 vulnerabilities. A recent security report from Fortinet stated that around 50% of the top-notch worldwide exploits have reportedly targeted the Internet of Things devices.

By the looks of it, the Echo and other smart speakers are not the only devices that the vulnerable, preferably every single smart device is such as the security camera, lights that are controlled by the internet, smart TVs, locks, printers, thermostats, and many other devices are indeed vulnerable.

There is a reason as to why the IT professional use the VPN service in their remote desktops and laptops for accessing the internet. Using VPN ensures that devices are safe. So having an Internet of Things VLAN setup can be useful to keep the network and devices safe from hackers.

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