Actian Zen authorizes Internet of Things to harness data

by | Aug 29, 2019 | IoT Companies

The worldwide leader in the warehouse of cloud data, data integration, and data management has reportedly is bringing forward a new embedded database for IoT and mobile.

According to sources, the Actian Zen has been designed explicitly for supporting the edge analytics and applications with a singular, modular, secure as well as a scalable platform. Given that the data is getting proliferating at the edge. Moreover, Zen also offers an ideal solution for the robust software developers who want to possess a completely dedicated data management system for their applications. On the other hand, this would deliver cutting-edge data management for providing the services which are critical for businesses across a wide array of operational scenarios.

The data management system ranges from iOS and Android devices to surveillance systems and medical sensors. Lewis Carr, the Senior Director of Actian Product Marketing team, said that the Internet of Things applications are garnering significant rate of data. Furthermore, the applications are needed to be managed from edge to the cloud.

Carr also said that they have already recognized the need of the market to have a nano-footprint, embedded, SQL, NoSQL multi-platform database for supporting a wide array of IoT and mobile applications. Zen is responsible for filling in the gap, which enables developers to harness the data completely.

Moreover, Actian Zen also connects the IoT and mobile devices to the cloud, gateways, and conventional pre-existing databases. Furthermore, it integrates with a broad spectrum of APIs, programming languages along with a single database with a wide array of deployments and data types.

After implementing Actian Zen, a developer will never have to compromise with the performance & the security of edge, in cloud-system, on-premise & the hybrid environments. When put into contrast with the SQL and NoSQL alternative, Actian Zen will aid the data scientists, developers, product managers, and IT analysts.

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