Achilles heel provides poor security to IoT devices

by | Jul 11, 2019 | IoT News

It is more of a great feat when a fridge can communicate with a nearby grocer. It helps to order the drinks and foods directly. By the looks of it, this is extremely helpful when stocks in homes are about to deplete or has depleted. On the other hand, the remote diagnosis concerning the patients and the companies, remotely repairs the machinery parts of the clients, in some of the cases.

By the end of the following year, it is expected that around 50 billion of the Internet of Things devices are going to be live and operational. Moreover, they will be connected to the internet 24/7 to facilitate operations for an extended period. Over time, the Internet of Things will give rise to the trend where everything that people use in day to day lives will be connected.

5G network technology is coming into existence in no time, and this technology would help the Internet of Things in the long run. The global Internet of Things market place is said to reach up to $58 billion by the beginning of 2023. It is also expected the adoption of Internet of Things has been gradually growing in a compound rate since 2017. On the other hand, it will continue to grow this way till 2023.

Nevertheless, several security breaches originate from the Stuxnet virus and to Mirai. Moreover, it also shows a high demand concerning the growth of technology, given that there is a lack of proper security in IoT.

It is important to note that the attacks on the IoT devices have become extremely real, and there is no denying that it will grow in a significant manner. More and more organizations are trying to make IoT devices better in terms of security. Achilles heel is also unable to provide better security to the IoT devices.

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