A school in Austin is trying to combine IoT, VR and everything else

by | Mar 19, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Austin ISD’s tech officer for learning and systems, Kevin Schwartz is highly cautious as he feels that his team is turning into a “department of no.” According to Schwartz, his team that he has been supervising, are not willing to create new ventures such as prominent technological advancements for classrooms as well as efficient teacher training programmes.

During the EDU conference in Texas, Schwartz said that it is essential for faculty and staff of a school to have a moral code of conduct. And if they lack the supervision, then under extreme duress, the teachers are going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. During this situation, even the most mature people are going to forget about the consequences are is awaiting them.

Schwartz has been deploying the technological advancement to Austin’s school. Schwartz has aided Austin ISD for embracing the cutting edge Internet of Things without having to sacrifice digital equity or data privacy. According to the reports by the Consortium, the two most significant concerns of the IoT lies in data privacy and digital investment.

Schwartz has been having continuous communication with most of the teachers in Austin. According to Schwartz, most of the time getting approval for newly curated technology is possible. Since a couple of years IoT is regarded to be one of the most popular technology, and the implementation of the technology is incredibly high as of now.

Blending IoT with virtual reality is mostly found in the classrooms. This brings out the need for a proficient teacher-training program which will ensure that the technology has been distributed among the students. Schwartz says that Blend – a system of learning management that has made its way to Austin in the past couple of year needs an extravagant session for teacher training that the tech officer has seen till date.

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