A rise in cybersecurity concern in IIoT

by | Aug 26, 2019 | IoT News

The arrival and the unequivocal growth of technology at any sphere is not safe from the potentially disastrous impact of the utterly successful information breach. By the looks of it, the situation tends to get worse by the industrial Internet of Things as there is an increase in the adoption of the technology, and there is also a subtle increase in cyber attacks.

Moreover, the devices are continually growing over time. The revolution of the IIoT did also witness a continuous decline in terms of cybersecurity. The IoT devices are prone to get hacked like any other new technologies, and this is making a lot of industries get worried about their security.

When it comes to the industrial markets, they have consistently found themselves as definitive targets from cyber-criminals and hackers who steal user information. One of the most critical problems is that the worldwide IT infrastructure functions by utilizing utterly outdated hardware as well as software solutions.

SCADA is one of the prominent examples of this condition. The IoT devices by SCADA are often used as a significant platform for collecting data and also for automation. Initially, the SCADA system was explicitly designed for internal functionality, and the maker didn’t consider using a secure method for communication either.

Over time, a massive number of vulnerabilities did come up right within these systems. In some cases, these systems do not even support or update the security applications, given that they are prone to attack. Curating a robust security patch can be a burdensome task as the proposed changes might change another component.

There is also a definitive growth in demand for the devices of Industrial IoT, and there is an exceeding demand for safeguarding and security. The consequences of the cybersecurity impact are unprecedented. The cybersecurity breach also affects the functionality of several other components such as steering wheel, gear and clutch.

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