A progressive approach may solve the everlasting problem with IoT Security

by | May 28, 2019 | IoT News

As of now, there are over 10 billion Internet of Things devices which are operational across the globe. Furthermore, 127 new Internet of Things devices are coming to life in every passing second. By the looks of it, the popularity of the Internet of Things devices are massive. Nevertheless, the enormous number of adoption gives the fraudsters an upper hand to place a target on this technology.

The manufacturers from around the world are trying to integrate new cutting edge security protocols. Nevertheless, not every one of those methods can keep the IoT devices safe, according to Prasant Mohapatra. Mr. Mohapatra is an esteemed computer science professor and vice chancellor who researches at the Davis’ University of California. The businesses and enterprises around the world should take desperate measures to make the security solutions of IoT devices better.

Prasant Mohapatra said that everyone uses smartphones and Gmail these days, they are well aware of the multifactor authentication. By the looks of it, the authentication is a robust way to identify verification methods like passwords and security code. If the enterprises across the world even tie a single authentication into biometric, then it will provide the Internet of Things device with robust security.

By the looks of it, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will also provide better security solutions. Technologies such an ML and AI have the potential is working against the cyber criminals of the modern-day world. Given that these technologies are at the preliminary stage, they can still stop the current cybercriminals.

According to Mohapatra, a significant amount of the devices are going to need to cooperate with vital other devices in a system. And this brings a scenario where there are a lot of complexities and vulnerability. Sometimes the device to device interaction cannot protect the Internet of Things devices on a large scale. The manufacturers should provide the Internet of Things devices with a unique password and username to avoid massive undertaking of the Internet of Things devices.

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