A new Security Bill for the Internet of Things

by | Mar 12, 2019 | IoT News

On the 11th of March, Monday, a dichotomous bill between two parties came into being. The bill is known as the IoT or Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2019. With the help of this act, the people investing in the Internet of Things brought forwards the concerns related to the security of the network as well as telecom security to the Parliament Capitol Hill in the US.

The minimum requirement of the bill will insist on the government make sure that the purchase of each Internet of Things device will have to follow the minimal security requirement of the device.

Senator Mark Warner and Representative of Colorado Cory Gardner are the two key people who introduced the bill to the Capitol Hill. Both Warner and Gardner along with are the co-chairperson of the Cybersecurity of the Senate, Robin Kelly and Will Hurd moved forward with the bill.

With the help of the bill, the government officials of the US were trying to prevent the vulnerabilities related to the security of the IoT devices. The bill states that any segment of firmware, hardware, and software, or even the unification of some of these factors which would lead to compromising the integrity, confidentiality or even availability of a straightforward system of information or simple information or the availability of physical devices when they are connected.

The bill will issue the guideline for the agency in the US which are precisely consistent with the recommendation of NIST. The devices should comply with each proposal made by the government of the country. The vendors along with the contractors are going to the government of the US must adopt and coordinated vulnerability of the disclosure policies. This will ensure that if a vulnerability comes into being then the information will be destroyed immediately.

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