A new report shed a spotlight on the role of IoT in China

by | May 15, 2019 | IoT Companies

The government of China has shown an active interest in promoting and adoption Internet of Things devices to achieve economic and domestic goals of the country’s policymaking. In the year 2018, the country accounts for 63% of the worldwide install base. As of now, the country is expected to continue leading the market.

Additionally, in the year 2018, the worldwide revenue of the mobile cellular devices based on Internet of Things connectivity services have increased by almost 19% in the year 2018 to nearly 6.7 billion euros. The figure represents how the Internet of Things is getting adapted all around the world.

The significant private sectors of China have continued implementing the Internet of Things Technology for its transparency and efficiency. By the looks of it, the Chinese private sectors understood that the IoT devices have the potential to drive cutting edge innovation.

According to the principal analyst of Berg Insight, Tobias Ryberg, the Asian country, China has been deploying the expandable cellular technology on a vast scale. Ryberg also said that no other country around the world has been implementing the Internet of Things devices and sensor like China.

The tectonic shift of the country to adoption, innovation and Research & Development did take place overnight. Internet giants in China such as Baidu, Tencent & Alibaba along with several other startups have been exhibiting a new entrepreneurial zeal which was not there around three years ago.

Based on the data from China’s mobile operators, the install base of the country grew from 124% year-on-year and it reached around 767 million in late 2018. As far as penetration is concerned, China has overthrown North America and Europe in the adoption of Internet of Things.

The country has also been active at adopting new cutting edge technologies such as fleet management, connected cars, asset monitoring, smart metering.

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