A Deeper insight at the Korean Internet of Things tech

by | Jun 19, 2019 | IoT Companies

ICT, the Ministry of Science and National IT Industry Promotion Agency are on the verge of presenting eight of the emerging Korean Internet of Things companies in the South-east Asian Singapore Market. The presentation was held in a professional platform of the international exhibition of Singapore, where both successful business and potential relationship were discussed heavily.

According to the program, the SEA companies are meant to be established and promoted at the same time. Moreover, the companies that are currently representing Korea are on the verge of launching the revolutionary products all through the application of the Internet of Things. Nevertheless, these companies are not confined to smart health techs such as wearable technology or intelligent transport and even Smart Home.

The event will give the organization a platform for seeking potential partners like distributors. Additionally, the South Korean companies are also looking for becoming providers concerning the business and technical perspective in the South-East Asian market.

The organizers of the event have named the incident as “Korea Internet of Things Highlights” which is found within “NXT Asia’s” exhibition. According to the sources, the game has been scheduled to run for three days straight from the 18th of June to 20th of June at Singapore’s Marina Sands Bay Convention Center.

Furthermore, the program is going to incorporate two rounds of IR pitching, which comes from each of the participants; scheduled at 11:30 am & also at 3 pm. The experts are suggesting that the event will enter a new frontier, which it would expand and build secure networks for business among the potential associates or partners and the Korean companies.

All the firms spread across Singapore are cordially invited to participate in the event. On the other hand, they will be offered with gifts if they pre-register or register during the event.

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