A 16-bit MCUs connects security to Google Cloud

by | Mar 5, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Microchip, the legendary firm said that they had curated an Internet of Things device which delivers a simplified way by virtue of which the invention can easily connect and at the same time secure the applications based on PIC microprocessors. The device removes the vulnerabilities related to the security of the device that features huge frameworks of software as well as real-time Operating system.

The firm said that once the devices are connected, Google Cloud Internet of Things provides analytics as well as data which will help the designers for making smarter and better IoT products.

The device is called PIC-IoT WG development board, yes the name says it all, more than it should. The device has been designed in a specific way that can reach through the portal on the internet called www.PIC-IoT.com. Microchip said that the development board doesn’t have a price tag on it and the other hand, it is free of cost.

Microchip also said that the Internet of Things core of Google Cloud provides an administrative service which helps the designers in securely managing, connecting and ingesting data from the devices from all around the world. According to Microchip the platform first collects the data and then processes and analyses it in real time. This furthermore enables the designers in improving the operational efficiency which is deeply planted in the designs.

Once the MPLAB Code Configurator also known as MCC tool is connected, it can furthermore be utilized in developing as well as debugging the intended app. The microcontroller, on the other hand, is comprised of the independent peripherals of the core of the firm, and it operates when the primary processor of the device is put on sleep to conserve power.

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