If you take a look at the IoT industry, then there are many players who all go from device makers to network providers. Moreover, you can see that there are some traditional enterprises too who all adopt their best technical solutions. But despite these all solutions, it is always a headache to establish standard connectivity which can hold back all interoperability of all devices and sensors as well as the growth of the IoT as well.

During the early time, when IoT devices are entering the market, they were not up to the mark due to the use of low-end microprocessors in it. The other issue that arises here is the storage of data which are generated in tons and it is impossible for a device to store them.

But now with the industry is getting inflected and it’s the solution for all processing power as well as data storage are getting matured, but still, the major problem remains. The connectivity of the devices is still a major issue. The main reason for which these things are present is said to be inconsistent standards that are present in IoT devices as well as networks.

Due to all these things, it is seen that now companies try to implement some kind of better solutions for these things and development work is being carried out as well.

In the world of IoT, Ericsson is said to be a top company in this field. As per the researchers of the company, they now have got a solution for every generation in mobile technology. It will come with better security, efficient energy as well as specialization aspects of the 5G standards which will play a role in helping the IoT so that it will achieve all the true potential.

With all these new standards, it is now expected that it will help in bringing IoT to a whole new level of operation that too at an affordable price.  It can all den done via 5G network as it helps in prioritizing traffic and make it available for you all.

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