5G Internet of Things is a matter of Death of Life

by | May 30, 2019 | IoT News

The mobile operators around the world are in dire need to curate the proper security so that deploying a 5G network in this year & the next will be better. They fear that if they get the ramifications wrong, then it would lead to fatality or loss of life.

GSMA’s event, the Mobile360 Security for the 5G conference took place on Wednesday showed in the next generation of the Internet of Things, it will lead to remote surgery, self-driving cars, automated nuclear power, smart factories as well as significant other critical infrastructure.

Chief Information Security Officer of Northern East Europe and Benelux, Fred Streefland went through an interview during the event. Streefland said when an enhanced robotic knife operates a patient, the patient or the medical clinic would not desire to fall victim to the network vulnerabilities. In this scenario, if the robotic blade connected to a network becomes vulnerable, then the patient would die. Moreover, this might not feel like the “doomsday” that human beings have been promised, but this is very real.

In the case of the 5G network, the operators are not simply going to benefit from the accelerating speed & volume. Nevertheless, due to constructive infrastructure, the IoT operates going to gain the capability of creating a specific kind of “network slices” which comes with custom-made attributes. Some of the other great characteristics are low latency and throughput alongside a real-time application based on remote sensor and lastly, ultra-powered bandwidth.

The unification between the Internet of Things and 5G connectivity is very important as it has the potential to change the present day business model. The Internet of Things environment will go through exponential growth as big-time manufacturers are curating Internet of Things sensors for health devices, cars, among others. The Internet of Things will face severe challenges until it becomes mainstream.

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