5G Internet of Things application would rely on Cloud computing

by | Aug 20, 2019 | IoT News

The approach of the cloud-native will play a crucial role in the infrastructure of 5G, according to Micaela Giuhat. In addition to this, Giuhat is also the vice president for the market strategy of Metaswitch. On the other hand, Metaswitch is a provider of a platform for telecom software. The providers of the significant wireless industry are limited to 5G deployments at the beginning.

They have much smaller deployments, yet they are the providers of specialized wireless networking devices which heavily focuses on the native cloud approach. Furthermore, the entirety of cloud-native would support the present-day LTE networking technologies and prepare for forthcoming 5G adoption. According to sources, Metaswitch has a deal with the illustrative Cubic Telecom in curating new technologies.

Moreover, Cubic Telecom operates on a worldwide network which would support the major applications such as IoT and connected cars. The company is making plans to utilize the revolutionary Voice-Over LTE cloud-native technology solution from Metaswitch for supporting the connected cars. There is also a need for connected cars to incorporate voice capability when the passengers and drivers likely use these cars.

The essentiality of utilizing a robust approach concerning cloud-native for the Internet of Things will be driven by the GSMA standard, according to Giuhat. Giuhat also said that everyone in the technological sphere is heading into that direction. In order to support the essential fundamentals of the 5G network telecommunication solution, a cloud-native approach is very much needed.

Moreover, the cloud-native approach has been specifically designed for the cloud. Instead of getting transferred from significant other platforms, the approach will curate a new change. According to Giuhat, the cloud-native approach can be easily utilized in several services. 

It can be used in terms of microservers by extensively using a robust open-source approach, and then it can also be deployed in several containers. Orchestrating the cloud-native will utilize automation and management. There are significant benefits that come from the cloud-native and combination of 5G. Only the future will decide as to what will 5G bring once it is operational.

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