The updated figures of Gartner show the forecast that the shipments of the wearable devices have increased globally by around 26%. The above-mentioned research firm also gave a predicted data that an amount of 32.9 million will be spent by the users in the year 2019. So, these can be terms as the latest IoT updates as the wearable devices work under the IoT network extensively.

Prominent IoT devices

The research team of Gartner has provided the predicted estimation that around 73 million smartwatches might be shipped in the on-going year. The research team has also provided the data that the headset and ear devices will take a lead by the year 2022 in terms of the shipment. The amounts of shipments as mentioned by the research agency are around 114 million for the headset and 159 million for the watches.

The leading companies that will take over above 40% of the total estimated shipment will be AirPods, Samsung IconX, BlackBit FIT etc.

Information By Forbes

Forbes delivers the news that the wearable devices will be changing the field of healthcare in the coming days. This is one of the leading IoT updates one can think about. The unique features of the wearable devices are first pointed by the Forbes. It is seen that the devices can work extensively as the hearing aid. Moreover, the wearable devices can deliver the users with an opportunity to check the heart beats. Activity tracking can be easily done by devices that are ear-worn. The presence of motion sensors actually allows the hearable devices to deliver these services.

One can check all these while listening to music uninterruptedly. Thus, the IoT networking can be exploited properly using the abovementioned devices resulting in increased shipment.