2019 Innovation Summit chooses Amber IoT Solutions for builders

by | Apr 2, 2019 | IoT Companies

The riotous tech company, Amber Solutions is famous for making several tech breakthroughs by keeping the fundamental aspects of the ‘50s electrical era intact. The company is known to combines the solid state architecture as well as the groundbreaking technological advancement of the Internet of Things.

According to the sources, the company has come forward and announced that it had been selected to present the next-gen solution based on the Internet of Things. By the looks of it, the Housing Innovation Alliance has chosen Amber to showcase its groundbreaking solution. Amber is going to present the IoT solution to the top-notch leaders of the Internet of Things along with the builders.

Thar Casey, the chief executive officer of Amber Solutions, will be presenting the implications of the IoT solution. By the looks of it, the CEO is going to address the innovation that the company has made for the builders around the world. By the looks of it, the CEO is going to outline the advantages that come with the solid-state innovation which offers the builders a wide array of development such as the enhancement of ‘50s electrical infrastructure.

The infrastructure has a state-of-the-art quality component and as well as an integrated Internet of Things. What makes the IoT integrated with the infrastructure lucrative is that the IoT comes bundled with Machine to Machine learning and this feature eliminates the despicable electronic and mechanical functionality.

According to Casey, they are extremely honored as HIA chose them to showcase their innovative technological breakthrough. The utility infrastructure helps the builders in delivering a secure and connected establishment rich in IoT. Casey says that the innovation forum is a perfect platform for showcasing the most influential builders of the world with an unorthodox yet conventional electrification infrastructure. The CEO feels that this will create new monetary opportunity based on smart home as well as building on the 5th Utility infrastructure of the company.

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