2 Billion IoT devices, smartphones will be live by 2025

by | Jul 3, 2019 | IoT Companies

eSIM technologies are witnessing a steady increase in the adoption rate across the world. Moreover, the groundbreaking technology is also set at increasing the manifold in a few years. Counterpoint Research’s Emerging Technology Opportunities came out with revolutionizing market research stating that by 2025, the eSIM technologies would see five times more implementation.

On the other hand, smartphones, Internet of Things devices like embedded security, smart cities, infrastructure, and smart farming through integrated and hardware eSIMS. Moreover, there is also a rise in the implementation of connected cars along with a steady growth concerning the wearable technologies. The report also suggests that there are around 264 million devices eSIM equipped devices back in 2018.

2025 would witness more than 2 billion of the eSIM devices which are going to be shipped. The wide usability of wearable technologies also contributes to the growth and adoption of eSIM. Reports also suggested that there are around 364 million devices which are equipped with eSIM in the year 2018. It is expected that by the time the world progresses to the year 2025, there will be around 2 billion equipped eSIM devices. 

There are several applications which will contribute towards the increase in eSIM adoption along with routers, aerial & tablets, laptops, network adapters along with convertible space. According to Satyajit Sinha, eSIM comes with a compact form factor which facilitates a massive reduction in space for the manufacturers of the devices. eSIM features enhanced security, it can be reprogrammed, and it is mighty that the conventional SIM card modules.

eSIMS also have the potential of reducing the process of activation and distribution of SIM. It also has the potential for generating massive revenues in terms of roaming. eSIM also provides significant benefits for the enterprise customers as well as conventional consumers is seamlessly choosing to connect, activates the devices. Moreover, eSIM can also manage the connectivity of the devices as well.

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