10% of the South Asian homes incorporate IoT device

by | Jun 27, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

In South Asia, around 8.7 percent of the homes incorporate Internet of Things or connected devices such as surveillance camera as well as smart TV. The number runs directly against the worldwide average of 40 percent, according to new research.

The research states that in North America, around 66 percent of the households incorporate at a single Internet of Things device. The study has been conducted by the leading cybersecurity firm, Avast, in collaboration with Stanford University. Moreover, the researchers have also found out that media devices such as Smart TVs have become the most common IoT devices in seven of the global regions of the world.

By the looks of it, the surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular in the South as well as Southeast Asia. On the other hand, the work appliances are very much everyday Africa’s Sub Saharan as well as East Asia region.

Moreover, the home assistants are present in 10 percent of the homes located in North America. Nevertheless, the home assistants are yet to see the significant rate of adoption across several other markets. The North American homes have incorporated the streaming device and internet-connected TV, according to the findings of the report.

Avast has reportedly scanned around 83 million Internet of Things devices across 16 million homes around the world. As of now, there is around 14,000 Internet of Things manufacturers around the world. On the other hand, 94 percent of all the Internet of Things devices are generally manufactured by 100 vendors.

According to the Artificial Intelligence head of Avast, the key to finding the paper is that only 100 vendors curate 94 percent of the commercial IoT devices. Rajarshi Gupta is putting these manufacturers in a unique position where they would ensure that the consumers should have access to the devices with security and secure privacy.

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